• Creative leadership for social change

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  • Creative leadership for social change

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  • Creative leadership for social change


“Everything you can imagine is real.” - Pablo Picasso


What We Do

We unleash the courage to break down barriers and redefine what is possible.

The daunting challenges of our time demand leaders and organizations with highly developed creative capacity to imagine and enact new ways forward.

We reimagine social change through original initiatives, experiential training and collaborative projects that harness the power of art and creative processes.

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Skills We Build

  • Creative Thinking: fluency, flexibility, elaboration and originality
  • Leadership Skills: collaboration, critical analysis, systems thinking
  • Artful Facilitation: engage, inspire and motivate through arts-based techniques and action strategies

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Program Focus

Advancing environmental action and collaboration remains at the core of our work, reflecting our founding mission to engage the intersection of arts and the environment. Building on this foundation, we've expanded our focus across three themes. Click on each focus to learn more.



Who We Work With

Since 2000, CAI has collaborated with hundreds of leading organizations committed to social and environmental justice to realize their full potential as critical agents of change. We continue our engagement focus on women, girls and indigenous communities. Our participants range from fishermen and Mayan women of Belize to young women in Rwanda and Kenya, to environmental and social change leaders in Cameroon and Ghana.

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Where We Work

Since 2000, our work has primarily taken shape in Central America. For the first time, CAI has initiated active projects and partnerships in both East and West Africa. While Central America is where the majority of our projects take place, we continue to expand our reach throughout the U.S. and Africa in 2016 and beyond.